Estrategia Juridica attended the event “Cafe por un Futuro” in Medellin

Estrategia Juridica attended the event "Cafe por un Futuro", last Thursday June 1st in Medellin.
"Cafe por un futuro", is the event organized by the Association of Social Initiatives (Asociación de Obras Sociales - AOS) of the National Police, in order to gather economic resources for financing education, health services and welfare for children with disabilities and/or special educational needs, who are sons or daughters of police personnel, widows or single mothers.
In this occasion the event was organized for the benefit of the Antioquia Police District of the National Police. Estrategia Juridica thanks (Asociación de Obras Sociales - AOS) and both their presidents, Míriam Sepulveda de Rodríguez and Esperanza Santos de Gomez, for organizing this important event.