INTA Workshop: “Free Trade Zones: Commerce vs. Counterfeits”

Estrategia Juridica will attend the workshop “Free Trade Zones: Commerce vs. Counterfeits”, organized by INTA, taking place in Cartagena – Colombia, on October 4, 2017.



Some of the specific topics that will be examined on the workshop include:

Navigating the benefits and challenges of free trade zones
Enforcing your IP rights in FTZs
Enforcement best practices
Brand owners, government officials and intermediaries working together to stop the flow of counterfeits through FTZs

A brief introduction about the workshop by INTA:

“Balancing the economic benefit of free trade zones (FTZ) with their vulnerability to exploitation by counterfeiters remains

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Estrategia Juridica attended the event “Cafe por un Futuro” in Medellin

Estrategia Juridica attended the event “Cafe por un Futuro”, last Thursday June 1st in Medellin.
“Cafe por un futuro”, is the event organized by the Association of Social Initiatives (Asociación de Obras Sociales – AOS) of the National Police, in order to gather economic resources for financing education, health services and welfare for children with disabilities and/or special educational needs, who are sons or daughters of police personnel, widows or single mothers.
In this occasion the event was organized for the benefit of the Antioquia Police District of the National Police. Estrategia

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Estrategia Juridica participated on the “National IPR Workshop for Colombia” organized by the World Customs Organization – WCO

OnTuesday April 25, the World Customs Organization (WCO) organized a “National Seminar”, in Cartagena Colombia, to provide the relevant stakeholders with an overview of country-specific best practices and legislation in the domain of counterfeiting and piracy, and to create a favorable environment for the sharing of experiences on a variety of topics.
Estrategia Juridica was one of the selected experts chosen by WCO to participate on this important activity, guiding a workshop on “How to detect fake goods”, representing right holders such as:
• Crocs, INC
• Luxottica Group S.P.A.
• Geneva

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Unreal Visits Colombia

On October 19, 2015, the Unreal Campaign visited Universidad Externado de Colombia. INTA member Claudette Vernot (Estrategia Juridica) and her team (Estrategia Juridica Nacional e Internacional) presented a one-day lesson plan to a group of 25 students at the School of Finance, Government and International Relations. The event covered consumer protection and the alarming reality of counterfeits in the Colombian marketplace.

The event emphasized that counterfeiting covers not only the more commonly-known products sold on the streets, such as clothing and handbags, but also medical

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